Small-Medium Car - (4,545 Red RPM :: 6,545 Max RPM :: 110 Torque)

The exemplary model of all semi-medium cars. This car lives up to it's reputation by being voted as the best car by customers 3 years in a row. Although this car is small, it has earned a reputation as a hybird car by adapting the IMA system. Constant improvements and a friendly design has been it's main factors of success.

Ravic Youth Set :: Red RPM +30, Max RPM +30, Torque +10, Boost Overdrive +10%, Boost Duration +0.2
Get frm Quest (Count Cula)

Gaia Set :: Max RPM +10, Torque +10, Boost Power +30%, Boost Overdrive +24%

Original Set :: Boost Power +10%

Hestia Set :: -Need Answers-