Mio a.k.a Kalo

Small Car - (4,000 Red RPM :: 6,000 Max RPM :: 100 Torque)

A car that lets you feel the passion with its stylish design and great fuel efficiency! It provides a high level of safety by adapting the auto body construction that decentralizes the impact force during auto collision, and the fine design that attracts everone's attention raises Mio's value.

Orginal Set :: Boost Power +10%, Boost Overdrive +10%

Tourer Set :: Torque +10, Red RPM +20, Max RPM +30

Kaz Set :: Boost Overdrive +10%, Red RPM +30, Max RPM +30, Torque +10
Spoiler: Lv6 Quiz King Boy (Chagwan Apt.)

Spur Set :: Boost Power +20%, Max RPM +10, Boost Overdrive +10%
Roof: Lv3 Half asleep boy (Cheongdam park)

Wide Set :: Boost Overdrive +20%, Boost Power +30%, Max RPM +10 Torque +10
Rearlights: Lv6 Cool Salesman (Doseong Elementary School)^
Roof: Crying-Problem Solver (Renaissanse Hotel)^

New Wide Set :: Max RPM +10, Boost Overdrive +20%, Boost Power +20%
Rear Bumper: Lv2 Legendary Mr.M (Seolleung Station)

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