LE Mode Guide by Area51 (Edited by GMDisuko)

What is LE Mode?
LE mode is a team racing league where users can participate in according to their equipped engine type (alpha, beta, gamma, delta). Every 8 players who sign up for a particular league will be placed into a race with consisting of 4 teams with 2 racers in each. (2:2:2:2)

LE Mode Timings [Daily]
1530hrs ~ 1600hrs (GMT + 8)
2030hrs ~ 2100hrs (GMT + 8)

How to play LE Mode?
1. When the LE mode racing notice is activated, a LE mode racing notice will be made.


LE Mode Registration

2. In order to join a specific league, you must be equipped with the specified engine type before registering.
(Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta)

Other equipment is not necessary, league differentiates by engine equipped.

You are required to pay a fee of 10k rains before joining the LE mode event. Switching of leagues after payment will not require additional rains within the current timeslot of the event.

The LE Mode event will only last for half an hour every timeslot.

3. If you want to play in a team instead of random pairings, get yourself into a party of MAXIMUM 2 members and join the same league together. The system will then place both of you into the same team everytime a race starts.


  • Regardless of cars, the basic speed is the same. But the max speed can be different, depending on performance of the engine + bodyparts.
    * In LE Mode, the performance of user skill, car skill, body kit set, amulet, lamp, wheel and plate does not work.
    * After LE mode finishes, 1st, 2nd and 3rd team can store up their records. If they have make enough victories, they can earn a lot of jewels massively.
  • 1st Place = 1.0 win
  • 2nd Place = 0.6 win
  • 3rd Place = 0.2 win

Team SP of LE mode
1. Users can earn Team SP when they overtake other users’ cars ahead or by maintaining their speed.

Speed (km/h) SP Gained
0 - 150 0 SP
151 - 200 1 SP per second
201 - 250 2 SP per second
251 - 300. 3 SP per second
Above 301 4 SP per second

2. If they crash into anything, team SP is decreased.

Speed Of Car During a Crash
SP Lost
0 - 100 10
101 - 150 15
151 -200 20
201 - 250


251 - 300 30
Above 301 35

3. Press [Alt] key to use team SP and anyone who are in the same team can use it.
When you press [Alt], Team SP will be converted to User SP.
1. At the end of the LE mode, depending on the number of wins, users can earn Jewel pieces, which is the crafting materials required for making Jewel, to reinforce bodykits.

How to make Jewels from ?
Users can get Jewels by filling up Jewel Bingos (Bought from store) with jewel pieces from LE mode.

The grades of Jewels can be improved by converting items at the Service Centre.
[Jewel] + [Jewel] = Pass [Reinforced Jewel + 1] or Fail [Broken Jewel Piece]

Please note that there is a chance of failure for upgrading jewels.

How to socket Jewels into bodykits?
Step A - Make a socket in your bodykit.
[Body kit] + [Body kit] = Pass [Body kit with socket] or Fail [None]
Note: You can’t make [socket] on the car grill.
Body kits can achieve up to a total of 5 sockets if successful.
The socketed body kits have a durability meter and can only be repaired by [Broken jewel piece].

Step B. Socketing a jewel into your bodykit.
[Body kit] + [Jewel] = [A body kit with jewel]

You cannot repeat Jewels of the same type in one bodykit.
Eg. You can have a (Bodykit with 2 socketed jewel, Buo Jewel and Buji Jewel) but not a (Bodykit with 2 socketed jewel, Buo Jewel, Buo Jewel)

Alpha League Beta League Gamma League Delta League
Engine Type

Alpha Engine

1.0 - 1.3

Beta Engine

1.4 - 1.7

Gamma Engine

1.8 - 2.1

Delta Engine

2.2 - 2.5

Steer, Brakes, Tire Aaron / Burning Folken / Angel McLiar / Crafts Breezestone / Primary
Booster Octane Thalon Ion Spirit / Helix
Jewel Piece Jewel Pieces for Alpha Bingo Jewel Pieces for Beta Bingo Jewel Pieces for Gamma Bingo Jewel Pieces for Delta Bingo
Jewels Obtainable From League Bingos

Normal Speed Jewel

Buji Jewel

Satisfaction Jewel

Torque Jewel

Buo Jewel

Max SP Jewel

Bupa Jewel

Max Speed Jewel

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