Small-Medium Car - (4,300 Red RPM :: 6,300 Max RPM :: 100 Torque)

JE98 has become known for the appearance in a famous animation. It is a light-weighted car with FR system and provides a refreshing driving experience. It's economical design has been made with priority given to simpleness and speed.

Adventure Set :: Max RPM +10, Torque +10, Boost Power +30%, Boost Overdrive +24%
Get from quest (Alan Denon Park - Quest: JE98 Adventure Set) or buy with cash at RAIN

Handsome Guy Set :: Max RPM +20, Red RPM +10

Cyclop Set :: Torque +10, Max RPM +30, Red RPM +30, Boost Overdrive +10%, Boost Duration +0.2
Grill: lv12 lonely artist (chagwan apt.)
Front bumper: lv14 heart-broken kid (Daechi station)
Rearlights: lv13 blazing young man (Useong)
Roof: lv13 young man acting innocent (eunma)

Original Set :: Max RPM +20, Red RPM +10

Old Mouse Set :: Boost Overdrive +10%, Red RPM +30, Max RPM +30, Torque +10
Grill: lv10 Spinning Man (kyobo life)^
Headlight: lv12 Tofu Store Man (1-dong office entrance)^
Skirt & Roof: ??