Small-Medium Car - (4,545 Red RPM :: 6,545 Max RPM :: 130 Torque) KHAI's semi-medium sedan that claims to be 'The New Generation of Luxury'. Smart Key System, Super Vision HUD, and it's other systems maximize the driver's convenience. It's safety has been enhanced by it's adaptive VDC, active head rests, etc. Featuring a wider interior that it's rival cars and a reasonable price tag, it is attracting young customers. The touch of Schweier who supervised KHAI's design and KHAI's sporty silhouette are also garnering people's attention.

Golden Leaf Set :: Red RPM +30, Max RPM +30, Torque +10, Boost Overdrive +10%, Boost Duration +0.2
Buy frm Store + Quest (Alan Denon Park)

Sparkling Set :: Max RPM +10, Torque +10, Boost Power +30%, Boost Overdrive +20%
Roof: ??

Malba Asia Set :: Max RPM +10, Torque +10, Boost Power +30%, Boost Overdrive +24%

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