Ever 4

Small-Medium Car - (4,200 Red RPM :: 6,200 Max RPM :: 100 Torque)

This is the Korean national sedan that has been improved for a long time! It has raised the performance as well as stability by adapting the car posture control system. Also, the noise-conscious car design minimized noise flowing in from the outside.

Wide Set :: Boost Overdrive +20%, Boost Power +30%, Max RPM +10, Torque +10

Cusack Set :: Max RPM +10, Boost Overdrive +20%, Boost Power +20%
Spoiler: Lv13 Lapping Man (Kyunggi High School)
Roof: Lv12 Knowledgeable Girl (Maebong Tunnel)

Vestia Set :: Red RPM +20, Max RPM +20, Torque +10

Nemes Set :: Red RPM +20, Max RPM +20

Normal Set :: -Need Answers-
Rearlights: Lv8 returned fortune king (Hanti Station)