Large Car - (4,600 Red RPM :: 6,600 Max RPM :: 100 Torque) Echo is a domestic large sedan that has an elegant exterior design and roomy interior. It has the owner mode and driver mode to meet the taste of executives who have personal drivers. It is attracting more attention with it's very first limousine model in Korea. Echo is the dream car of every executive.

Smile Jaw Set :: Max RPM +30, Red RPM +30, Torque +10, Boost Overdrive +10%, Boost Duration +0.2
Rear Bumper: Lv20 Urgent Girl (Noksapyeong Station West)

Military Set :: Boost Power +20%, Max RPM +10, Boost Overdrive +10%
Roof: Lv18 Lazy Man (Baekje)

Cavala Set :: Red RPM +20, Max RPM +20
Rearlights: ??

Muscle Guy Set :: -Need Answers-
Roof, Skirt, Front Bumper: ??

Muscle Girl Set :: -Need Answers-
Hood: ??

Pregio Set :: -Need Answers-

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